Our story


The Liljeqvist family has had a key role in the development of Kasnäsudden. Kasnäsudden has changed a lot in the last years. It is almost unrecognisable when comparing it to what it was in the 90’s. 

The Liljeqvist family started fish farming in the Hitis archipelago in the 80’s and in 1989 the Liljeqvist family bought the fish farm and named it Ab Salmonfarm Oy.
Today the company is farming rainbow trout and whitefish. Other fish farmed are pike-perch, perch, herring and char. Roe is also an important product.

In 1995 the family extended the business by buying a bankrupt’s estate consisting of a cafe, a guest harbour and a grocery store. Today the grocery store sells Kasnäs own fish products. The company continued to extend and in the year 2000 the hotel opened its doors and five years later the Liljeqvist family opened up a spa connected to the hotel.