A paradise for boaters

Welcome to our guest harbour

Kasnäs is situated by the famous Hangö-Utö exit, close to the outskirts of the archipelago. The harbour holds 100 guest places and 300 long term places for boats. The harbour offers anything a boater can wish for, including a protected harbour, a spa with many different services, a restaurant, a sauna, showers, a nursery room, a grocery store and a market in the summer. The gas station is open all year round.

There are plenty of different attractions and activities. The geological nature path conveys local history and beautiful views over the archipelago.


Position: Lat = 59°55,2' Long = 22°24,5'
Chart B s. 734

The harbour offers full service:

* Restaurant Kasnäs Paviljong
* Grocery store Kasnäs Handel
* Market place with fish, vegetables, jewellery, artisan products, souvenirs
* Kasnäs Spa
* Gas station 24h all year around
* The harbour has 2 saunas with showers, a laundry room with dryer, a nursery room
* Waste collection, septic tank cleaning
* Harbour office with weather information
* Kiosk with charts and a big variety of accessories
* Sailing boat rental, with or without a pilot

Harbour fee 2019:

27 € / day

42 € / day incl. free entrance to the spa and gym (2 adults, 2 children)


Phone 02-5210 117
Mobile: 040-5587 293
E-mail: port(at)kasnas.com


Kasnäs Handel
Phone 02-5210 116
E-mail: info.kasnashandel(at)kasnas.com


Restaurant Kasnäs Paviliong
Phone 02-5210 115
E-mail: info.kasnashandel(at)kasnas.com

Henrika Enestam, restaurant manager
Phone 02-5210 115
Mobile: 040-5927 173
E-mail: henrika.enestam(at)kasnas.com