Experience a real Viking feast in the Chieftain hall with a program that consists of different thousand-year-old activities including an axe-throwing competition. The delicious meal is served on a board and the drinks in clay cups. An unforgettable experience! 

The meal includes: 

* Mashed turnips
* Smoked fish from local fishermen
* Roast beef
* “Gubbröra” - a herring paste
* Vegetables and Rosala special archipelago bread
* Water (soft drinks, beer, cider and a long drink also available at extra payment)
* Coffee and cake 
* In addition, the chieftain feast includes two dishes, mostly mutton sausage and another kind of fish

Travelling to the past is like travelling to a foreign country.

Welcome to the ancient Rosala!

The Viking feast lasts 3 hours.

For more information phone +358 (0)2 5210 111 or info(at)kasnas.com

You Tube video Rosalasta