Caravan area


* Sign up on arrival in the hotel/spa reception. Fill out the traveller form and make the payment of 31 €/24h and you get at place number. Follow the given instructions.

* Check-in from 16.00 and check out before 14.00.

*It is prohibited to set up a fire in the caravan area. Fireplaces and barbecue huts are situated in the hotel area close to the harbour.

*It is only allowed to move your vehicle between the entrance and your own parking space.

*If you arrive at night, please respect the neighbours.

* Please keep silence at night from 22.00 to 07.00. It is prohibited to use barbecues and vehicles during this time. Respect the others by keeping silent. 

* You are not allowed to set up a tent in the caravan area.

* Keep the surroundings of your camping space nice and neat, and clean up properly before you leave. Please take your garbage and waste to the waste containers. In the area you find a mixed waste container. Close to the ferry pier you can find containers for recycled waste.

* It is strictly forbidden to enter with weapons or other disturbing or dangerous objects in the area.

* Pets should be kept on leash and are not allowed on the beach meant for swimming.

* The persons in charge of the area are not responsible for any lost personal property or vehicles in the area. Neither are they responsible for any accidents occurred in the area.

* The security distance between the vehicles should be 4 meters.

* It is prohibited to share electricity from the electricity poles and put extension cords over the driveway.

* Trading is prohibited in the area.

*A person who does not follow the given instructions can be removed from the area.

Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult in the spa.

HUOMI! Lapset ovat kylpylässä vanhempiensa vastuulla. Alle 10-vuotiaat lapset pääsevät kylpylään vain aikuisen seurassa. Uimataidottomien lasten tulo kylpylään ilman huoltajaa on kielletty.

The saunas are warm 8.00-11.00 and 18.00-22.00.

Telephone numbers: 

Emergency call 112

Hotel/Spa +358 (0)2 5210 100 

Restaurant +358 (0)2 5210 115 

Grocery store +358 (0)2 5210 116

Harbour +358 (0)2 5210 117

During night time +358 (0)40 5927 173 (restaurant manager)