Kasnäs Caravan

We have a brand new caravan area with 33 camping lots. The caravan area is situated right next to the spa on a sunny hill. There is a service building with sauna, toilet, septic tank cleaning and a washing place. There is also electricity and WiFi.

Caravan lot (1.6.-31.8.2018) 31 €/ 24h. Included in the price car/carriage lot, services in the service building, electricity, septic tank cleaning and WiFi.

During high season (1.6-31.8) our Caravan guests get an discount on the entrance fee:

6 € / adult & 3 € / child

From 1.1. to 31.5. and 3.9.2017 to 31.5.2018 25 € / 24h. The price includes free entrance to the spa and the gym 8 (2 adults & 2 children).

During low season there is possibilities to long term rental. The price for 1.9.2017-31.5.2018  (9 months) is 550 € + electricity as used (0,20 €/kWh). You pay only half price for the spa.
You can use the service building except for the saunas, which are not in use.

Reservations / inquiries: phone +358-2-5210 100 or

Kasnäs Caravan area - Rules and regulations

Welcome to our sunny caravan area!